Catskill Freedom Network – Flip NY 19 From R to D

Raise money to unseat Rep. Faso and flip NY 19 to a Democratic District.

Catskill Freedom Network

The newly formed Catskill Freedom Network (CFN) is an all-volunteer, grass-roots Democratic Political Action Committee dedicated to helping to ‘Flip the House”, by zeroing in on one Congressional District, and defeating Republican John Faso in the NY 19th CD.  He is a very conservative Republican. He is vulnerable.  He only won by a few percentage points in 2016.  He betrayed his constituents by voting  twice for the disastrous House bill to Repeal and Replace Obamacare harming thousands of people in his district, denies climate change, undermines workers’ rights, and he votes over 85% of the time with Trump.

The founders of this PAC are all active Berkshire Democrat Brigades Democrats from both Berkshire County, MA, and from New York State.

We must act now.  We cannot wait a year or more until there is a Democratic candidate.  We must remind voters over and over again that Faso voted to deny millions of people health care and promised to protect those with pre-existing conditions – then did the opposite, betraying his constituents. Voters must be educated. CFN will create and run hard-hitting ads against Faso in newspapers, billboards, radio – and possibly direct mail –as soon as we raise sufficient funds.

We have no Wall Street tycoons to rely on.  So, please donate whatever you can as soon as you can.  We need your support.  And please pass this along to five of your friends.

Please use ACT Blue, the progressive fundraising site to donate on line. Or, write a check payable to: “Catskill Freedom Network” and mail it to the Catskill Freedom Network, c/o Sherwood Guernsey, at 69 East Housatonic St., Pittsfield, MA 01201.

We thank you, and our democracy thanks you.

Sherwood Guernsey, Chairman

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