Unity Campaign: Elect Elizabeth Warren and Jay Gonzalez on Nov. 6!

Unity Campaign: Elect Elizabeth Warren and Jay Gonzalez on Nov. 6! Posted on September 12, 2018

The MA Democratic Party has declared a unity campaign to  re-elect Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate and to replace Charlie Baker with a Democratic Massachusetts Governor – Jay Gonzalez.

Elizabeth Warren fights for our values on many fronts (see her campaign information) but is perhaps best known for her battle to provide equal economic opportunity for all.  Her success has at fighting unfair banking and corporate practices has brought down the ire of well-funded opponents.  She needs our help to fight down those voices and get her re-elected for a second term.





Jay Gonzalez is running against the popular Republican Governor, Charlie Baker because he thinks we can do better. “Aim High” is his campaign slogan.  He believes we can do more than Gov. Baker is doing on a range of issues including early childhood education, opioid treatment, criminal justice reform and health care costs (see his campaign website).  Although Gov. Baker has had a lot to say about how different he is from President Trump but he is endorsing all of the Republicans running in the state including the extremist Geoff Diehl running against Elizabeth Warren for US Senator from Massachusetts.  The Gonzales campaign is counting on Berkshire County to turn out in big numbers to overcome voting in other areas of the state where Baker is more popular.  Let’s put a Democrat in the State House